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Some call it “the humble” travel brag. A quick snap of a boarding pass inside one’s passport, with a smiling emoji or #travelgram at the end, and the words Business or First Class prominently displayed.

In this era of instant gratification thru social media, taking pictures of our boarding pass on our travels to different destinations has become second nature.

But flag carrier Garuda Indonesia’s recent directive requesting passengers not to take snaps or record footage inside the cabin (although not specifically mentioning boarding passes) is a timely reminder.

Days before the announcement, a business class passenger’s video blog had shown Garuda’s food menu scribbled on paper. As well as menus, the aircraft had also run out of champagne and white wine, the blogger stated.

Garuda said the new policy wasn’t a response to this blog. Rather it was aimed at ensuring passengers’ comfort and privacy, while ensuring the airline complied with all laws governing aviation and electronic information, said Corporate Secretary Ikhsan Rosan. The edict has since been softened, with a revised internal letter issued on 16 July stating that, rather than being “prohibited” from taking pictures onboard the aircraft, travellers are now being “urged” not to do so.

And while many social media handles are now flooded with opinions on the above matter, perhaps we can use this moment to revisit our flying travel habits. Have we followed the safety rules? Or have we accidently exposed ourselves to potentially dangerous cybercrime?

Let’s begin with the “Critical 11”. Not the movie, but the time referring to the three minutes after takeoff, and the eight minutes before landing. These minutes are when the cabin crew are prohibited from communicating with the cockpit, except for matters critical to the safety of the flight and passengers. These rules is mandatory: Rules of Flying.

How many of us have posted pictures of our boarding pass?

Posting pics of your boarding pass can have serious consequences. Your boarding pass contains sensitive information, such as your record locator, a barcode enabling hackers to access your reservation and other personal data, potentially use your hard earned frequent flyer account, and perhaps even worse!
Let’s ensure we stay smart while traveling, and at the same time hope they will bring back the wine, champagne and proper menus to business class.

Safe travels, everyone, and if Bali is your destination, make sure you follow us for all the fun events and happenings. Don’t forget to check our What’s New Indonesia for Jakarta, Bali, and Bandung happenings.

Thank you for staying in touch with us, and the Island of the Gods.


Tressabel Hutasoit
Editor What's New Bali

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